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If you are suffering with sports injuries, whether from a recent injury or if you’ve been accumulating them for many years, we will likely be able to help you to get back to training/competing/participating (and enjoying it).

Chiropractic can help many people with sports injuries, both professionals and amateur, and is safe, comfortable and effective.

Many people visit us due to sports injuries affecting problems their spines and/or also their limbs.

Sports Injuries & Preformance

You may have injured yourself through an underlying problem which has been building up for some time, or perhaps a clash with an opponent during training or competition.

 Many people suffer sports injuries around their bodies because of underlying problems with their spines, which they aren’t often aware of until we check them. For instance, knee and shoulder problems can be due to underlying problems with your spine, which we can help you with.

 Alongside Chiropractic care, we often refer our patients for care/therapy/rehabilitation with our in-house expert, Mr Chris Green. Chris has served as a Sports Injury Specialist for over twenty years now. His experience and dedication in helping athletes and sports people, (and our Chiropractic patients with non-sports injuries) means that he willnearly always have a way to help you.


We offer care which helps relieve your problem, correct the underlying cause, and finally help prevent it returning so that you as a whole stay well and healthy instead. This can often let you play to a higher level, for much longer.


Whether it’s your job or hobby/enjoyment we will help you return to your sport.

We are here to help you get back to a normal, happy, healthy life again, please ring 01942 498480 to arrange an appointment today

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