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Chiropractic care is extremely valuable for us as we age, and we often help people in their nineties stay healthier as a result.




We are all living much longer, often to ninety and a hundred now. As we get older, it is essential to stay well, healthy out of pain, mobile and independent. 

Senior citizens find that Chiropractic can massively improve their ability to deal with arthritis around their body and poor mobility. By taking a natural approach to better health, this can also vastly reduce the amount of prescription drugs they take. 

It can also enhance balance and coordination, preventing falls and in turn fractures and hospitalisation.

Because Chiropractic improves mobility, this makes it a lot easier to enjoy hobbies, visit friends and family, enjoy grandchildren (or hide from them quicker!) and engage fully with the world.

If you are more mobile, chances are you can exercise more which is the ultimate anti-ageing, disease preventing and health promoting treatment that there is. Simply walking more is excellent.

In turn, being more active generally promotes a happier, more positive mindset AND reduces injuries and illnesses. As the saying goes, you can add life to your years, and years to your life.

When we work with elderly people, we see it as a partnership that can help them avoid what is sometimes seen as the inevitable decline into ill health requiring leaving their homes and into residential care.

Working in partnership with older people, Chiropractic plus an active lifestyle can mean people live to a ripe old age in good physical, mental and spiritual health. As they quite rightly should.


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