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If you are suffering with headaches, whether recently or for many years, (or have even been told to ‘live with it’), we will likely be able to help you. Chiropractic can help many people with headaches, including those often described as cervicogenic, migraine, tension, rebound and sinus, so it’s a very popular reason for visiting us. Chiropractic care for headaches is safe, comfortable and effective.

 You might be familiar with some of these symptoms – dull, throbbing aches around the front, back and sides of the head and/or eyes, a tight band around your head, and changes in your eyesight such as blurriness and flashing lights.

 It is quite common for headaches to be felt not just in the head, but also the neck, face/eyes, jaw and shoulders. This is because, (you may be surprised to learn) many headaches originate in the neck and can be due to arthritis/spondylosis there. Some of the muscles in your head and neck can also be responsible – see our muscle spasms section


Usually you will find that some things make you worse – such as staying in one position for too long, for example, when you have been at your desk working, first thing in the morning, if you are feeling stressed, and if you have been taking medications for the headaches for too long. Some things may give you slight temporary relief – such as gentle movement of the neck, and ice packs on your forehead. We understand how difficult it is when these problems stop you living and enjoying a normal life.

 There are many types of headache that we can help you with. The most common cause is that one or more of the bones in your spine can become stuck and out of position. This interferes with the nerves that live in your spine and come out of it and into almost every part of your body. It can also cause the surrounding muscles to tighten up which makes things feel even worse.

 We offer Chiropractic care which

1) helps relieve your problem,

2) corrects the underlying cause, and

3) prevents it returning so that you as a whole stay well and healthy instead.

 We are here to help you get back to a normal, happy, healthy life again, please ring 01942 498480 to arrange an appointment today.

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