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Our sole objective is the happiness and wellbeing of our patients.

We are delighted that many of them write and thank us and tell us how we've helped them.

Here are just a few.

Client testimonials


Ralph can now get out of his chair and take his dog for a walk. Watch the video to find out about his story


Paul's frequency of pain has reduced from every three months to only twice in 7 years.


Frank has seen a big improvement in two problem areas - his neck and his knee. Watch the video to find out about his story


David now has treatment every four weeks for pain in his lower back and is very happy about the improvements he has noticed in his health


Marilyn fell off the horse and the damage was not negligible. After regular chiropractic care, not only she could get back on the horse, but ... Watch the video to hear Marilyn's story.


Pauline very happily donated her walking stick to our D.D.Palmer adjustment hall as she does not need it any more. Watch the video to learn how!

Dave's success story

Dave started his care six weeks ago and improvements are remarkable! Click to find out more.


Martin came to see us with excruciating back pain. Martin struggled to hold himself upright and walking down the stairs was really challenging. He has seen a massive improvement in his back pain, sciatic pain and general well being.


Chiropractic is brilliant for helping people recover and heal from sciatica, back pain, neck pain and much more. Mary healed her hip with the help of Chiropractic and doesn't need a hip replacement now. Listen to Mary talk about her experiences with Chiropractic and how it has helped her. Mary and Dr Mike also show how gentle, yet very effective Chiropractic adjustments are.

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