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Our Soul Purpose

We all possess more inborn ability to heal, be healthy and express our own unique potential in life than we can possibly imagine. As Vitalistic Chiropractors, we work in harmony with this facility to help you express it to your fullest. We do this by providing skilled Chiropractic care. That's it.

Below is a friendly reminder of what some of this ability is;

Think back through your whole life:

*How many cuts and scrapes have you had, followed by completely new skin being grown in days to weeks? 

*If you've ever broken a bone, or know someone who has, then you're familiar with the body growing new bones (even if there was assistance from a plaster cast or surgery)

* How many coughs and colds, stomach bugs & water infections have you recovered from with or without medications? How did it happen?

*Have you ever had depression or anxiety which you've dealt with and moved through?

*A quick search of Google will reveal people who have spontaneously recovered from any illness/disease that you care to type in (do try it).

Have you ever stopped to ask, how did all of this happen for you? And did you even 'try' to make it happen?

Could it be that these are clear examples of your how your mind and body are healing throughout your whole life? 

There are two abilities that every patient brings through our front door that explain a lot of the above events...

We all have a brain, generating immense amounts of messages - or intelligence, energy, and information (electricity, brain waves & nerve signals). This messages travel through your spinal cord (tucked inside your spine) like water through a river. They then leave the river through millions of tiny nerves (like little streams) to reach every bit/cell in your body. There, the messages guide and support the cells so that they function. For instance, regulating your heart so it beats in coordination with your lungs, thus keeping you alive, all without you even thinking about it.

The guiding and coordinating force of these messages (or intelligence) is also closely involved in the repair, regeneration, and healing of the entire you. 

We all also have a body, made of trillions of cells, like skin cells that give you your skin, and heart cells that make up your heart and nerve cells that make up your brain. Your cells do everything you do consciously and unconsciously, in harmony with the messages/intelligence your brain generates. You make millions of new cells every minute to replace old, ill, injured, dying or worn-out cells.  If you've brushed your arm near a sunlit window, you'll notice dust, which is really millions of cells floating off; it's where a lot of the dust in your house comes from. But you don't worry; you're making so many of these cells that your whole skin is constantly replacing itself. 

Equally, your whole body is replacing itself this way from the inside out as well. This is why when people give up smoking, their lungs and breathing improve greatly and their risk of cancer drops so much - new cells replace the old ones which were loaded with toxins. 

This is exactly how we get a new body every seven or so years.

So, no matter what's 'wrong' with you - your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) and trillions of cells are doing so much more that's right for you. 

We are mindful of the fact that the awesome though these two abilities are, life can be stressful  which can overwhelm/knock your nervous system and body out of balance. This very often results in areas of your nervous system intelligently responding by becoming stuck or misaligned - we call this a subluxation. This means that the messages/intelligence your brain generates doesn't get through to the rest of your body as clearly and fully, reducing your ability to be alive, healthy, able to heal and express your potential. 

We skilfully and gently free up (or adjust) your nervous system by hand so that this intelligence flows more fully, stronger and clearer. The results then come from within you, as millions of happy people and their testimonials share.

We put great care into the skill of your adjustments. Although all the benefits of Chiropractic care come from within the person receiving it, whether in a Chiropractic or Surgical setting, we all want someone skilled to provide the care. Dr Mike has been in full time practice 20 years and lives, eats and breathes what he does. 

*Please note that (for those with a special interest in health and healing) what we are referring to above is known as biological healing, considering the person almost as a vehicle (!). There is also core healing which is where the person within the vehicle heals, which largely centres on someone knowing and living their authentic selves. 

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