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Babies can benefit most of all from chiropractic care.



Babies can benefit most of all from chiropractic care. Now, you might be wondering why a baby would go to a Chiropractor. Well, let’s consider what a baby has to go through… 

First, they spend 9 months in a very cramped, confined cushioned space (the womb in case you were wondering!) before very suddenly experiencing the stress and trauma of the birth process…

 … but that’s just the start!

Whether, natural or cesarean, babies are subjected to a lot of trauma during birth. Suddenly, they have to adapt to cots, beds and chairs, being picked up, put down. They then love to crawl, walk and explore, which involves many tumbles, bumps and bangs. All these place a lot of physical stress on your baby.

Baby is also growing very rapidly, and her brain and body are developing and setting up patterns that stay with them for life. About 65% of your baby’s brain development occurs in the first year after they are born.

They are also dealing constantly many new activities, such as feeding, moving and experiencing the world.

Chiropractic care is crucial in ensuring that your baby’s spine works properly, so that the nerves living inside it can work properly. It is essential that your baby’s nerves work as well as possible as they control growth and development of the rest of your baby’s entire body.

Personality and behaviour are governed by the nervous system too.

Many parents take their babies for Chiropractic care to promote good health, in the form of check-ups and preventative care. Many people bring their babies to Chiropractors if they are ill or for general health problems they have. Some parents have found that babies who won’t settle, cry constantly, feed poorly, sleep poorly or have colic can often be helped by Chiropractic.

When we provide care for babies, it is so gentle that it can be done in their sleep without waking them.

Having check-ups and chiropractic care before health problems occur can help ensure life-long good health and a good start in life for your baby as they grow into children and teenagers. 

We welcome babies, please call 01942 498480 and we would be happy to meet you and your baby.

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