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if you are new to us, firstly, hello and welcome from all of us, Dr Mike (Chiropractor) and our Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital Team Sarah (Our Manager and Lead CA), Emily, Conal & Dennis (Our CA's), & Dr Steve, our Radiologist.


We offer all of our patients a type of Chiropractic care designed to firstly help the main problem that brings you to us, and other health problems and concerns you may have at the same time. Uniquely, we don't charge our patients for individual problems/concerns, each treatment visit is designed to progressively help all of you. Because this gives you such value, and often great results, adults, children & babies travel to us from Wigan, the UK and overseas, and we are humbled to be the best reviewed Chiropractors in Britain by our patients.


Lots of people start Chiropractic care because they know it can help them with their back, neck and nerves. If this sounds like you, we hope you'll be reassured to know that we have helped many people with both minor & very serious problems of this type.


Chiropractic can also help you heal, recover or even deal better in many other areas of your health, physically, mentally and emotionally. When you receive Chiropractic care it helps your brain and nerves to connect better to the rest of your body. This makes a massive contribution to helping you heal throughout your body, and mind.


We are really pleased to see that some of our patients have experienced positive changes with conditions as diverse as Parkinson's, many variations of arthritis, arm and leg problems, depression & anxiety. What comes next may sound odd, but we must stress that neither Chiropractic or us claim to treat or cure any condition whatsoever... because, actually, Chiropractic purely helps you use your own ability to heal (same thing you use to heal cuts and fractures), which is why so many people experience positive changes with Chiropractic care. We often hear people describe what we do as miraculous, and this is because the ability to heal that we all have is.


As a Chiropractor, I've been in full time service since 2003, and offer our patients a unique, very gentle, safe, effective type of Chiropractic care. It's that gentle and safe that we work with newborn babies, children, through to adults as mature as 90 and even 100+, and even people with spinal fractures and spinal nerve injuries. We like being able to tell people that chiropractic can help them, and we love it when people get better and enjoy life again. People can also get far more from us than just pain relief.


We make use of the latest technology and have a digital X-ray & scanner for your nervous system. You get to see the results too, and find out what's wrong and right with you, and most importantly, what can be done to help you.


You'll find it a very comfortable experience coming to see us, our team are friendly, warm, caring and great at explaining things in lay terms. We all have Chiropractic care each week so that we stay healthier, functioning better, feeling good and better able to look after you to the best of our abilities.


Once more, welcome to Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital,


Dr Mike, Sarah, Emily, Conal and Dennis.



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