Chiropractic: a way of healing, health, & being your best you

Benefits that millions of adults, children and babies experience include:
-Expert healthcare for your neck, back & nerves
-Helps you use your ability to heal, mentally & physically
-Improved wellbeing, mood, energy, sleep, state of mind
-Reaching your potential in your health, relationships, school/work, hobbies & life


Many people are familiar with Chiropractic in the same sentence as 'bad back' or ‘neck pain’ or ‘trapped nerve’. After all, millions of low back pain/neck pain/trapped nerve sufferers have done very well with Chiropractic care. But, at its heart, it really offers people much more. We believe in showing the full 'menu' to everybody - if you've been led to believe Chiropractic is only for bad backs, it's like believing restaurants are just for tomato soup!

We focus on helping your spine/nervous system function better because this is at the core of you, your health, being able to fully heal and how well you live and experience your life.

What's my nervous system again? - it's your brain & spinal cord (and the bones that protect them) and the nerves that travel around your whole body like roots.

Every sight, sound, touch, heartbeat, breath, thought, movement, emotion and memory start in your nervous system. You are your nervous system!

If you are alive, your brain is generating immense amounts of messages (electricity, brain waves & nerve signals) so that you can enjoy these 'things'. These messages travel through your spinal cord (tucked inside your spine) like water through a river. The messages then leave the river through millions of tiny nerves (like little streams) to reach every bit/cell in your body.

We skilfully and gently free up (or adjust) your spine by hand so that the messages flow more fully, stronger and clearer. The results then come from you and your body functioning better, as millions of happy people and their testimonials share.

We absolutely welcome talking to you about your pain, health, healing and life, you can contact us by calling, texting, WhatsApping, emailing, or even call in personally for more information

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