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Rehabilitation Facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities

As you'll appreciate, prevention is often said to be better than a cure. Once we've treated you and you are feeling good again, we often use strategies to prevent you suffering from a relapse of your original pain. These strategies are known as rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation involves teaching you specific exercises which may focus on flexibility, coordination, balance, movement patterns, strength, endurance and matching up of how your brain, nerves, muscles and body work together.

This is very in-depth and specialised. At Wigan Family Clinic, our rehabilitation is provided by our sports injury specialist, Mr Chris Green. He has almost 20 years of experience and expertise to offer you.

We have a number of pieces of specialized rehabilitation equipment at the clinic. These are normally only found at professional sports clubs, but we find them very effective in treating most people because these pieces of equipment enhance and accelerate the rehabilitation process greatly.

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