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Children Chiropractic care plays an essential role in the health and wellbeing of our children.





As adults we all know that in going to work we may place our bodies under considerable physical and mental stress. If we pause for a minute, and consider our children, there are a lot of striking similarities. And they might, in fact, have it worse (yes, seriously!).

They are usually up early, carrying heavy bags of books and sports kit to school. They sit in chairs and at desks that are often too big or too small for them. There is more and more psychological pressure placed on children to learn and perform well in examinations (which begin at age 5 now).

There are school sports, knocks, bumps, tumbles and bangs in the playground three times a day (and you thought the office was tough!).

There are also many emotional stresses that can be at play, ranging from peer pressure to conform socially, athletically and academically and the making and breaking of early friendships. 

Some children seem to place a lot of stress on their bodies by doing very little other than being absorbed in tablets, laptops and games consoles. Others roller blade, jump, skip, dance and play many sports.

Exhausting isn’t it?

Day in day out, this can cause serious problems with the body, spine and nervous system. If you are lucky, this will show up in childhood. If not, it might only show when they become adults and the problems show as injuries or diseases that can often only be alleviated, and worse, could have been prevented.

Parents often bring their children to Chiropractors for help with; general illnesses, injuries, maximising their general health and wellbeing, proper development of their brain and nervous system, strengthening immunity, improved concentration, assistance with emotional and behavioural problems, sleep issues, bed-wetting and digestive issues. 

We all want our children to grow up healthily, and your child’s health is their greatest asset. Routine or preventative Chiropractic care (before health problems occur) can help ensure life-long good health and a good start in life for your youngsters as they grow into teenagers and onto adulthood.


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