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Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital is specifically designed to offer the best service and treatment we can to our patients.

Digital X-Ray Suite

At our hospital we have a state-of the-art digital x-ray suite which is open five days a week. This allows us to take the highest quality pictures of your spine, bones and joints which can help to reveal hidden or underlying causes of problems. We believe that our digital X-ray service is the best available because:

  • X-ray appointments are available within 1-2 days of your consultation
  • Our digital X-ray facility is the most advanced in the area
  • All x-rays taken at our hospital are reviewed by your chiropractor AND our radiologist

MRI referral service

Following a consultation, if we feel that an MRI scan is required, we can arrange for you to be referred for a MRI. This can be done by referring you back to your GP, or helping you find a private faciality. Costs may vary depending on the facility. 

Nervous System Scan

Here at WFCH, we look at your nervous system as well as your spine and spinal cord. We use Neurological technology to give you a comprehensive understanding of your nerves and nervous system. We combine three scanning technologies, Heart Rate Variability, Electromyography and thermography to show you your neurological status. 

Please call us on 01942 498480 and ask a member of our team for more details.

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