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If you are injured, Chiropractic can help assist you in healing effectively and getting back to your sport again. It can also help you prevent future injuries.


If Chiropractic is good enough for Usain Bolt, multiple gold-medal-winning Olympic runner, then It’s good enough for any of you athletes out there! (He sees a Chiropractor for scoliosis, to be healthy and perform at his best if you are interested).

As an athlete, once you are injured a lot of worry can begin to overwhelm you. We appreciate that you worry about how long it’ll be before you return to your sport, if you’ll lose fitness/skill, gain weight and miss the social side.

Chiropractic helps athletes to heal simply because it focuses on helping restore movement and function to your nervous system and body.


There are several ways in which Chiropractic can help you as an athlete:

If you are injured

Many sports people believe they got injured ‘all of a sudden, it just went’ during their activity. In reality, problems often build up over time before they become painful. Then, during the physical or psychological stress of a game, the hidden injury suddenly manifests itself.

Often these problems can build up in the spine by the individual bones (vertebrae) losing motion and alignment over time. This places stress and interference on the nerves that live inside your spine. The problem can show up as an injury in the arm or knee for example. Or, it can show as a back injury.

Chiropractic check-ups and routine preventative care before the season or at the start of a training cycle can prevent these problems from happening to you. This could help you get to the next level in your sport and avoid being side-lined.

If you are looking to perform at your best

Many athletes use Chiropractic care so that they can improve their speed, skill, time, endurance, coordination, power, agility recovery, resilience and chances of winning.

If your body is in good alignment, moving well, and your nervous system is able to do its job, then all of these benefits become possible for you.

If you are looking to prevent injury

Again, if your body is in good alignment, moving well, and your nervous system is able to do its job, this will help keep you away from injury and remain in good health.

Regular preventative or wellness Chiropractic care can help you enormously. 

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